Terms & Conditions


*There is a regular listener option to buy a beat for $1.99 [Plus tax (9.5%)] for general listening purposes. You will receive and have access to the mp3 file as is.

Some songs only have one drop down item “Regular Listener Only” which means I’ve already used the track commercially and it is only available for general listening purposes (or for DJing).


Leasing is either $19.99 (for 3 months) or $49.99 (for 1 year) [Plus Tax (9.5%)] (Depending on the beat & term of lease). The leasing period for each beat lasts either 1 year or 3 months. During that year or 3-month period, you can pay the remaining balance to obtain Exclusive Rights to the instrumental. You may use the track(s) on anything you would like including albums, demos, mixtapes, radio, tv, film, etc. Also, you keep any and all profits made from the track during the 1 year or 3-month period. Other listeners will have access to the beat during the duration of the leasing period but you can still use the beat for anything you want during that time.


Purchasing an Exclusive Rights License is $249.99 [Plus Tax (9.5%)]. You obtain full rights to whatever you make on that track FOREVER. You keep all profits from that track(s) FOREVER. You will also be sent the WAV files tracked out for the best possible mix. We can sign paperwork if you wish and I’m willing to work closely with you to get the sound you want. If anyone uses the beat besides you once an Exclusive Rights License is purchased, they will be in trouble for copyright infringement.


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