Privacy Policy

*This is the Privacy Policy for & it’s affiliates, all associated apps, websites and persons in conjunction with this website. While other websites have their own specifics about privacy and use of personal information, this website IS NOT directly involved in the sale or distribution of sensitive personal information in any way. 

1. Privacy Disclosure: This website collects traffic data from visitors primarily through the Google Analytics platform and other Google Services (API’s, Tag Managers, Search Console, etc). This helps to ensure the validity of traffic to this website and protects the interests of potential advertising partners, contributors, and any other Third-Party vendor participating in the on-going usage, publishing, and maintenance of this site. 
2. Collection of Personal Information: This website may collect personal information when a purchase is made through the PayPal checkout system. The information received is only used to ensure that the person who purchases media, merchandise or any services provided by this site, receives their purchase in a timely and efficient manner. It also increases the ability of the website moderator to communicate directly with visitors and users who make a purchase from this website. 
3. Testing, Integration, Experimental Programming: This website is involved in on-going testing and integration of different API’s, programs written in many different languages, web tools, resources, and anything involving the field of Computer Programming & Web Development. This website is owned by a sole proprietor whom openly invites critical feedback about the ease of use and accessibility while using this website. This information is disclosed to let visitors and users know that this site is always seeking to improve it’s Performance, Accessibility, and Best Practices as defined by Lighthouse page testing, Core Web Vitals, and Web Master Quality Guidelines.
4. Advertising & Affiliate Marketing Programs: This website and others which are a part of this organization enrolled in different advertising programs administered by Google AdSense & WordAds to enrich the advertising, publisher, and web-user ecosystem. This will enable advertisers to market high quality products & services through qualified publishers to customers and web-users. This website and others within this organization are always seeking Affiliate Marketing Partners to help promote their brand, products, and services to all visitors, returning users, etc.
5. Amazon Affiliate Program – Product Integration (as of 09/17/2020 at 11:19:41 am): This website (or blog) has been approved to display, market, recommend and earn a commission from a variety of different products sold on Amazon. As stated in the Associates Program Operating Agreement, the owner and any person within this orgranization involved in maintaining this website discloses to all visitors and buyers that β€œAs an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” The products displayed on this website are recommended based on the following: 1) A prior purchase of the product. 2) Extensive research of the product (via reviews, customer ratings, and product demand by sales). 3) Individual use of the product, which is in the same category and/or is of the same brand. Many of the Amazon Affiliate Links may change on the posts of this website to diversify the ability to market products based on the most current recommendations of the organization and to cater a well-developed platform, creating a buying oppurtunity for customers interested in purchasing a variety of different products in many categories.
**This website will always examine new ways to provide all users more information about how data is collected and used, and will also continue to provide as much information about current and prior data use.



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